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Other Facilities


The Receptionists are responsible for Patient registration, handing over of reports of investigations done, and is also a source of all information (medical/non-medical) and handling all calls/EPBX system.


Laundry/ Linen is washed, ironed and handled in house by a Laundry man, (by use of heavy duty Washing Machines and Clothes Sanitizer and Dryer) clean linen is kept under the charge of the Matron and is changed daily or sooner if required.


Fresh food is provided free of cost for indoor patients under the able and constant supervision of a Dietician, who is totally in charge of the hospital mess. The Hospital Mess caters to Patient diet as well as provides food to the attendants. Food is cooked hygienically and the canteen furniture and floors are washed every Sunday with detergent. We have been providing Nasogastric feeding for certain patients, thus fulfilling their nutritional requirements.


The Hospital has 20 Doctors and 110 paramedical and other staff on its roll. Appointments are done by a board consisting of Doctors, Matron and Administration. Student Nurses are trained in batches from time to time.

Hygiene and Cleanliness:

The hospital is cleaned/mopped 4 times a day with 'Lysol' and Patient toilets are cleaned hourly. Walls are cleaned every Sunday also with 'Lysol'.The OTs are washed with antiseptic on the 1st Saturday of every month or when required, and autoclaving of unused surgical instruments/ Linen is done every third day. Samples of floor, tables, walls and machines are sent to IGMC/ Lalpath labs for detection of infection.

Waste Disposal:

General waste is collected by the 'door to door' garbage collection of the Municipal Corporation. The bio-medical waste is collected by 'Enviro Engineers" which is an agency authorized by the H.P.Pollution Control Board. Colored Bins are placed at appropriate placeswith clear instructions pasted over the bins, instructing Bio Medical Waste handlersin segregating and disposing off the waste in their proper bins. A designated offsite place for Disposal of Bio-med waste exists which is washed and sanitized daily, these bins are inspected on a daily basis by an Infection Control Officer.

Centralized Oxygen Manifold:

The hospital wards and OT are supplied by a centralized manifold for Oxygen supply (which caters to both the buildings), including a Central vacuum system. It has two Digital Control Panels, (routine and one for emergency. With 20 Oxygen, 3 Nitrous Oxide and 2 Co2 bulk cylinders, these are refilled at plants in Mandi. The system has been efficiently working since its installation.

Other Facilities:

  • Tenzin Hospital has two of its own Ambulance Services which is available round the clock for use by patients.
  • Hospital has Intercoms installed for smoother functioning of hospital staff.
  • Fire Extinguishers are placed on all floors at strategic points, Hose Reel firefighting system, along with fire detectors is placed on all floors.
  • CC TV Cameras are placed to monitor activities in the hospital.
  • Lift Facility connects all floors with the New Building Complex,
  • Generator back up through two 125 kva Cummins Gen sets.
  • Central heating in patient rooms, OT, recovery room etc.
  • There is a constant endeavor of the hospital to maintain a high degree of standard in hygiene and in providing Quality Care to Patients, and the care providers are sensitive to the needs of the patients. Once a week the Paramedic staff is given orientation courses by the faculty in order to upgrade their knowledge. All persons employed in the hospital are well trained and all hail from Himachal Pradesh.

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