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At Tenzin Hospital, our team of orthopedic surgery experts uses the latest techniques and technology to improve care for people with musculoskeletal problems. From diagnosis through treatment, Tenzin Hospital orthopedic surgeons forefront employing advanced technologies in the best interest of patients.

Services Offered

Orthopedic surgeons at Tenzin Hospital specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves (musculoskeletal system). Subspecialties within the department include adult reconstruction, sports, trauma, spine, foot, hand, shoulder, elbow and orthopedic oncology.

Procedures in main O.T :

  • Arthoplasty (Hip and Knee)
  • Deformity correction in adults and children
  • Hand and foot surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery for complex and simple trauma
  • Repair of tendon injuries
  • Any Ligament : Sports related injuries along with arthroscopic ligament surgeries and joint replacement surgery (facilities available here)
  • Procedures in minor O.T :

  • Closed reduction of Fractures and dislocations (I.V Sedation\ blocks)
  • Local infultrations
  • Intra artucalar injection
  • Corrective casting for CTEV (club feet)
  • Cast and slab application


The Orthopedics Department Includes:

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